My secondment

As many of you will know by now I have been given secondment to lead the ground staff at the Phoenix. I’ve been working at Phoenix for 19 years now and I’ve applied for the job as Head 2 or 3 times in those years.
I learned most of my modern green keeping practices from Graham Pickin who in my opinion is the best Head Groundsman Phoenix has ever had (until now 🤣). Joking aside I learned a lot from Graham and put together with my studies in the HNC Golf Course Management I have developed a modern approach based on efficacy, efficiency and quality without needing a massive budget, perfect for Phoenix. You will soon see I use a more scientific approach to my decision making, I prefer fact and I believe past guessing and lack of knowledge has caused a few greens to suffer.
This blog is to update all the members on our targets, achievements, our success and failures hopefully Past failures that need amending.
Now unfortunately due to some past failings Im down on staff so don’t expect miracles from the off, we’ve a lot to do but I’m confident on improving Phoenix golf club and the whole complex.
I will update whenever a new project or job arises and post photos with descriptions and reasonings so please keep viewing

Thank you all and thank you to upper management for this opportunity and hopefully when stability regains and improvements achieved this will lead to a full appointment.

Mark Smith
Multi-sport complex manager


  1. Good luck Mark! Looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labour! All the best pal. T


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